ASSISTTM Advanced Mixing & Production (A.M.P.)

Training designed for live sound system installer-contractors and advanced church sound team members.

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HOW-TO ASSIST (tm) (Academy of Sound System Integration, Setup & Troubleshooting) is a training seminar designed to provide live sound system installer-contractors and advanced church sound team members with the best possible training on how to set up, integrate and troubleshoot live sound systems of any size.

Installing a sound system in a modern facility is not as simple as just running a few wires anymore. Your audience expects perfect room coverage, no hums or buzzes and volume levels that may approach concert SPLs. It's not easy to do this successfully without complete knowledge of how pro-sound gear actually operates in a live environment with a full band.

As providers of professional training seminars to Grammy chapters, AES sections and NSCA workshops over the years, and the national leader in Church Sound training for the last 10 years the HOW-TO Sound Workshops have trained over 10 thousand end users on how to properly setup and run their own sound systems. Now your installation crew can benefit from their industry knowledge on how to properly select, integrate, setup and troubleshoot any sound system — from the simplest portable gear all the way up to concert-level sound systems. These classes are lead by industry expert Mike Sokol, who has over 40 years experience in sound system design, integration, operation and operator training. The HOW-TO ASSIST program is produced by Hector La Torre, long-time industry stalwart and innovator for Fits & Starts Productions.

We understand your business doesn’t have the time and money to send you and your design/installation team to a central conference hundreds of miles away. That is why the HOW-TO ASSIST Tour is coming to a city near you. These ASSIST classes are manufacturer supported and approved, with a final test and certificate of completion included at the end of the 8-hour classroom program.

We cover the following important topics, plus a whole lot more...

The Art and Science of Live Sound Production

The ART ...

• Advanced instrument & voice equalization theory

• Choosing the proper microphone for the job

• Critical listening exercises

• Setting sound system gain structure for best performance

• Best place to position the mixing console

• How many decibels are loud enough

• When to add reverb, echo and other processing

• Feedback management using 1/3-octave equalizers

• In-ear monitoring vs. floor wedges for the band

• Mixing the band.... hands-on mixing on your own console

The Science ...

• How to eliminate hum and buzz in your sound system
• Pink Noise RTA vs. Ringing out the EQ
• Integrating computer and media players into sound systems

• iPAD remote control for main and monitor mixing

• Eliminating cell phone and radio station interference
• How proper grounding reduces electrical shock hazards
• Speaker polarity testing and channel phase reversal issues
• When you need delay speakers and how to set delays properly
• Setting electronic crossovers and DSP room equalization

• What to do with the subgroups and matrix outputs

Registration is $299 per person, with an early discount price of $259 at least 14 days in advance. Classes will typically be presented on Fridays from 10 AM to 6 PM, with a continental breakfast and lunch provided. Seating is limited, so order early.

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