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What's covered in the class?


Hands-On Training for your Church Sound Teams



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Live Sound for Worshop

Microphones and inputs

Directional and Omni-Directional microphone patterns

What’s Phantom power and when to use it

Dynamic and condenser mics and how are they different

Cables and how to hook them up

RF mics and body packs – diversity, UHF, etc…

How to mic a drum kit, acoustic guitar, etc....

How to place mics for maximum feedback rejection

Mixing Consoles

What are microphone and line inputs

Trim controls, Solo functions, and clipping lights

Pre/post fader aux sends and returns

Input strip functions, eq, routing to groups, etc...

Adding extra monitor channels to a console


Compressor and Limiter theory: ratio, threshold, attack and decay times

Listening to Parametric, graphic, and shelving equalizers, with examples

How to patch in a reverb, with audio examples

Amps and Speakers

Basic types of speakers – passive and active

Speaker types for voice and music

What are monitor speakers and where to place them

Where to place main speakers

Mixing and Recording Techniques

Digital console features

Making it all mix together, with audio examples

How to record from a console to 2-track

Multi-track recording technology

Speaker Setup, Alignment, and Processors

Passive and active crossovers

How much amplifier power to use

Delays for balcony speakers and how to set them

Active processors in amplifiers

Stage Setup

Digital and analog snakes and splits

Sending audio to video cameras

Setup Techniques

Ground loops and how to reduce system hum

Using a cable tester to find bad cables before they cause problems

Pink-noise RTA equalization of a room

How to wrap tangle-free cables